About Immigrant Workers Union


Our Mission

IWU is a labor and community organization made by and for workers to defend and foster the working and living conditions of workers families in Dane County, Wisconsin, USA and internationally. IWU focus specially in seeking the empowerment of communities of color and low income families to fight for improving their living conditions with a class analysis perspective and following the basic organizing model of: Inform, Organize and Act on any issue that affect our communities.

IWU is lead by the principle of unity, independence and empowerment of the working class. IWU since its foundation in 2006 has and will fight for equal rights for all workers of any race, national orign, immigration status, sexual orientation or any other difference among our class.

What do we do?

IWU works on various yet related issues, always keeping the focus on empowering those affected as the ag
ents to create change and social justice. IWU has worked with hundreds of immigrants and workers in the following areas: Know your rights workshops, Stopping the collaboration between the Dane county sheriff and ICE, our 1-800 help line, Black Latino Unity Project, Youth Program, May Day: International Workers’ Day and played a very active role linking the struggle of public workers with communities of color around labor rights and budget cuts in educations and other social needs.